UVINION is the brand that develops and markets «turnkey» cosmetics in the partnership with bloggers, celebrities, makeup artists, beauty experts and consumers.

«We believe that you must to do business in a market with a large capacity,
even if it seems conservative, it also has a place for innovation.»

The project launched in 2018
Sales started in September 2019.
Founders: The graduates of SKOLKOVO Business School

Existing sales model
UVINION approach
Existing sales model

  • Lack of end-user involvement in the process of creating product
  • Decrease of consumer's confidence in products
  • High promotion costs
UVINION approach

  • The high consumer's involvement in the process of creating products, which gives credibility to the brand
  • Reduce of the risks at the start of production
  • Reduce of the risks of unsaleable products
  • Reduce of the promotion costs
Bloggers are one of the main promotion channels (brand advertising budgets through the bloggers increases 15-20% per year)

The main argument – the trust to the blogger from consumers
The blogger earns using advertising posts in their profiles, usually lose the trust of the audience.
The lack of income doesn't allow to make good content and get more followers. These bloggers are not interesting for advertisers.

UVINION offers bloggers to create their own products, but UVINION also is going to help with:

  • Co-financing;
  • Market analysis and marketing;
  • Choosing a producer;
  • Operational activitie

Blogger does what he truly loves:
discusses cosmetic products with followers

: ~8.8 bln USD/year
Sales L'Oreal: ~0.63 bln USD/year
Sales Natura Siberica: ~0.19 bln USD/year (Natura Siberica is one of the most popular Russian brand)

UK 12,1 bln USD
Germany 15,2 bln USD
China 53,87 bln USD
The Near East 15,9 bln USD
Interaction with clients at an early stage and the ability to identify their needs;
Deep immersion and essence of the issue, understanding of all stages from production to getting of products by consumers;
Business model grows non-linearly (the share of costs decreases with increasing volumes);
Quick response to changes;
Continuous learning of the latest trends:
  • Visiting international exhibitions (Hong Kong, Paris, Seoul);
  • Communication with international experts;
Ability to work with costs (cost optimisation):
  • The cost of 1 visitor to the site is 0,16 USD;
  • Advertising with 50 bloggers 0 USD;
UVINION has established itself in the industry and has gained confidence from influencers, so the following product lines are being prepared for release.
Our first cosmetic line was made in partnership with BeautyInsider.ru, an independent beauty portal. Founded in 2010 by journalists Julia Grebenkina and Yana Zubtsova. Today portal has been visiting by 1 million unique people per month.

The entire history of creation you can find at the UVINION's Instagram and at the Beauty Insider portal.
Our manufacturing partners:

Korean partner - EnsolBio
Swiss partner - CellCare
There are 4 products in that cosmetic line:

  • moisturizing cream-gel
  • essence
  • hydrophilic oil
  • moisturizing serum

«I've tested hydrophilic oil and it really works gently. I don't feel any discomfort. Perfect!»

Natalya Bogdankevich
«It turns out that there are specialists in Skolkovo who will help create your own brand of cosmetics.»

Irina Kirienko
Editor-in-chief «Kommersant Beauty»
Sergey Mulyar
CEO (co-founder)
Experience: Participation in the implementation of projects L'Oreal, Samsung, VW, Peugeot-Citroen, Volvo.
Area of Responsibility: External communications, development strategy, overall control.
Graduated with honors from EMBA SKOLKOVO.
Ksenia Ageeva
COO (co-founder)
Experience: Coordination of work of more than 35 contracting organizations in the framework of 2 development projects.
Area of Responsibility: Interaction with contractors, competitive selection of suppliers.
Graduated from SKOLKOVO MBA program. Experienced beauty-holik.
Gulnara Valieva
Project manager
Experience: Work with the largest Bank in Russia in customer service.
Area of Responsibility: Customer service, interaction with the courier services.
Confirmation of the viability of the idea on the Russian market;
The ability to implement the model in any markets, countries and regions;
After a competitive selection, we entered 100 startups from around the world to participate in the World Business Angels Investment Forum on February 17-18, 2020 with the opportunity to speak to a community of business angels from around the world and attract international investment;
The growth in the number of M&A activities in the field of beauty
«As of 21 November, beauty deal activity for 2019 had already outpaced 2018 by 19 per cent, according to investment bank Capstone Headwaters. The second quarter of the year set a record for highest deal volume in the last five years with 33 transactions...»
Content growth in social networks in the field of +20-30% per year;
The growing number of bloggers seeking to launch cosmetics under their brand.
Kylie Jenner
Brand: Kylie Cosmetics
Miranda Kerr
Brand: Kora Organics
Jessica Alba
Brand: HonestBeauty
Gwyneth Paltrow
Brand: Goop by Juice Beauty
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Brand: Rosе INC
Drew Barrymore
Brand: Flower Beauty
Vera Brezhneva
Brand: Vera Beauty
Tina Kandelaki
Brand: Ansaligy
Elena Krygina
Brand: Krygina Cosmetics
Victoria Bonya
Brand: Victoria Beauty Box
In October 2019, Toni Ko launched the new cosmetic brand: Bespoke Beauty Brands

Her business model the same as UVINION

Toni Ko is the founder of NYX Cosmetics Co. In 2014, the company has been sold to L'Oréal for 500 mln USD.
We need investments to be faster than her.
Goal: to enter the markets of Europe and Asia earlier than her.

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